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What is CheekyPromo?

A community for music lovers, musicians & music entrepreneurs.

I LOVE music; Do YOU?  I studied music (including piano) for many years to post grad level, played drums in bands and accompanied singers on piano.  Are you a musician, a teacher, student at school, college or uni, an artist manager, a music publisher, a label manager, a venue owner or a music entrepreneur?  I love connecting with other people who LOVE music.  I love helping musicians, music entrepreneurs, music startups, to grow. 

Would you like to build relationships, dare I say FRIENDships with, learn from, be inspired / motivated by other music lovers, musicians & entrepreneurs? 

Cheeky Promo helps musicians & music startups / businesses by encouraging, inspiring, empowering, educating them to do what they love by providing knowledge, connections and resources, educating them about social media / digital marketing, and running / organising / hosting events.

I joined Facebook 10 years ago, and Twitter in 2009.  I have been using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (where I have 21K connections), Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube*, Soundcloud and Flickr to share music, help musicians to promote themselves and build a community around a shared passion for music since.

I created the Cheeky Promo Facebook group 5 years ago and it's getting very SOCIAL in there!  If you share a great post in our Facebook group then I will Share it.  I might initiate a conversation by asking some questions and/or share some tips on what / how to post so that people will engage with your content.

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I set up a community on Mighty Networks last year - I'd love to have more people join us there and get social.  Join the Cheeky Promo community on Mighty Networks for FREE for 1 MONTH and they STAY CHEEKY for $14.99/month or $99.99/year!

If you'd like any help with anything music related, please email me at and join our community.

Why are we organising an arts festival in London?

1) Fundraise for London’s Air Ambulance & Nordoff Robbins.
2) Promote musicians & other performers
3) Official BIG Launch for Cheeky Promo 

4) Educate, Empower, Encourage & Inspire people
5) Connect People, including musicians, startups & businesses

best wishes, Rupert

* Where you can discover Ableton, apps, arts, artists, Bach, the Beatles, Beastie Boys, bands, bassists, Beethoven, Brahms, chords, colleges, composers, composition, concertos, DAWs, drummers, Dvorak, electronic music, festivals, glockenspiels, guitars / guitarists, Handel, harpsichords, instruments, jazz, Kawai, kick drums, labels, Liszt, Logic, minimalism, Mozart, musicals, networks, operas, oscillators, pianists, producers, production, Queen, Rachmaninoff, scales, singers, software, songwriters, startups, Steinway, string instruments, teachers, tech, tonality, universities, Universal Audio, venues, violins, waltzes, xylophones, Zadok the Priest and more*

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