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What is CheekyPromo?

Cheeky Promo is a new community for music lovers, musicians and (music) entrepreneurs, ready to take their work to the next level with the most important growth hack available today: network effects.

Together, we’re exploring how to apply network effects to build an audience, engage your fans and followers in totally new and unique ways, and launch subscriptions and other revenue streams to fund both (y)our work and life.

Whether you’ve got an idea that’s been swirling around in your head for the past few weeks or you’re ready to take your band/brand to the next level, we’re holding a place for you here in Cheeky Promo.

Join Cheeky Promo to: 

  • Learn how to build your audience, brand, and business with network effects & connect with people online through social media & digital marketing

  • Meet music lovers, musicians and music entrepreneurs like you AND different to you, sharing our stories, experiences, and ideas. 

  • Get answers to questions you can’t just Google from people who know.

  • Find inspiration & motivation for yourself and inspire / motivate others.

  • Develop your understanding of music theory knowledge 

  • Learn about music technology, instruments, hardware & software

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