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What is CheekyPromo?

A community for music lovers, musicians & music entrepreneurs.

I studied music (including piano) for many years to post grad level, had drum lessons in my teens, played drums in bands and accompanied singers on piano. 

I love connecting with people who LOVE music. I love helping musicians, music entrepreneurs, music startups, to grow. If you'd like help with anything music related, please email me at

I joined Facebook 10 years ago, and Twitter in 2009. I've been using social media to share music, help musicians to promote themselves and build a community around a shared passion for music.  I started blogging about music and interviewing musicians around 2010/11.  In late 2012 my friend Jake suggested I turn it into something more substantial, so on the 1st of January 2013, I created the Cheeky Promo group on Facebook - there are now over 1000 members.

Cheeky Promo helps musicians & music startups / businesses by encouraging, inspiring, empowering, educating them to do what they love by providing knowledge, connections and resources, educating them about social media / digital marketing, and running / organising / hosting events.

Do you LOVE music? Are you a musician, music teacher, artist manager, music publisher, label manager, venue owner or a music entrepreneur?  Would you like to build relationships with, learn from, be inspired / motivated by other music lovers, musicians & entrepreneurs?

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